The Perfect Victim
  1. Using a cell phone makes it virtually impossible to be aware of your surroundings.
  2. If you are burdened with packages you have no way to defend yourself.
  3. Be selective in what jewelry you wear. Wearing jewelry can give off an impression of wealth, and you do not want to give this impression to the wrong person.
  4. Attackers often look for those wearing shoes making it impossible to escape.
  5. A long skirt can make it difficult to escape as well as give an attacker something to grab on.
  6. Designer Bags make a statement – often to the wrong people. These not only show a sign of affluence, but large purses can also swallow up keys and eyeglasses. This keeps you occupied and makes you a perfect target. Ditch the bag and carry a car key, credit card, cash, and lipstick in your pocket.

The Sascom System of personal defense is totally unique

We teach you to handle virtually any situation, regardless of your age, size, level of fitness, athletic ability or the size of your attacker in just five hours of training. Imagine, a corporate executive, a 100-pound woman, or a 18 year old daughter being able to dispatch a 250-pound attacker in the blink of an eye.

Remarkably, our system is the only system that goes into the Psychology of close quarters hand to hand combat to prepare you mentally, as well as physically. After just five hours with a licensed Sascom Instructor you will be prepared to avoid injury and possibly save your life if your personal safety is threatened.

Sascom’s segment called "Surviving in the Modern World" discusses practical safety tips and totally changes your degree of awareness as you go about your day-to-day routines.

We automatically take you from condition “White” (the degree of awareness of every victim) to condition “Yellow” (the degree of awareness of survivors) helping you to avoid most problems before they even start. We specifically address: domestic violence, stalking, date rape, date rape drugs, child abduction, child molestation, security at home, security on the road, jogging, ATM, and travel safety.

Sascom will change your life. Your weapons (your hands) are with you twenty-four hours a day. You will never have to look for them. The confidence and peace of mind that you will gain by spending five hours with a Sascom Instructor will be yours for a lifetime as well.


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